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Terms & Conditions Of
JRW Packers and Movers

"Company" means JRW Packers and Movers

"Quotation" or Estimateā€ means the no obligation contract between the Company and the Customer on the mutually agreed terms and conditions.

"Customer" means the person contracting with the Company to provide the Services, whether or not he is the owner of the Goods, or Fixtures.

Coins, cash, bank notes, checks, money orders, postal orders, national savings certificates, premium bonds, travel tickets, passports, securities, manuscripts or documents of any kind, jewelry, perishable goods, hazardous materials like crackers, explosives, chemicals, filled gas cylinders, battery acids, and inflammable oils are not considered "Goods" in the context of the relocation services that will be provided. such as gasoline, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, narcotics, and other similar substances.

Concerning Handyman Services: The dismantling and reassembling of special furniture, air conditioners, and particle board furniture is not the company's responsibility. For all such materials, customers are advised to make prior arrangements with Handyman Services.

For shifting vehicles: ( a) A copy of all relevant documents or an authorization from the company to move under a different name must be provided, and it must be in the name of the transferee. b) Automobiles must approximate 10-15 liters of fuel to drive to and from the point of loading and unloading. c) Bikes: Please empty the oil tank and fuel tank completely to prevent spills and leaks during transportation.

The Services are provided within normal working hours of the Company, which are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 8:00 am to 4:00pm on Sunday excluding public holidays. However upon pre booking we operate 24 hours packers and movers services in Mumbai - +91 8080798038.

Any quotation or moving estimate submitted by the Company to provide the Services shall be open for acceptance for a period of 15 days following the submission thereof, and shall thereafter be deemed withdrawn.

Once accepted, the quotation and all the terms therein shall be binding. The Company, to the exclusion of the Customer, shall decide how the Services are to be provided, and may vary its decision from time to time upon mutual agreement only and charged accordingly.

If Customer terminates the contract deposit towards the confirmation or confirmation advance is cancelled and will not be refunded.

The Customer shall ensure that adequate access is available to all relevant premises for the purpose of performing the Services. If the acress is narrow for vehicle or people movement extra charges should be paid to make the delivery arrangement or customer can make their own arrangement.

When providing relocation services, the company does not cover the following: i) split pickup, multiple pickups, or deliveries; ii) plant removals or crating of any item if they are not included in the quotation; iii) long carry, society/elevator charges, parking fees, and vehicle detention, if any; v) storage in transit, and any force majeure situation; vii) any state taxes or Octroi, Mathadi, Toll, Entry Tax.

The company reserves the right to select the unpacking material and debris, both of which are to be considered its property. The cost of the unpacking materials will be Rs. 75 per carton if retained by the customer for local shifting, or additional transportation costs of at least Rs. 1500 within Delhi city for material pickup at a later time.

Damage or loss caused by acts of the government, customs, or official confiscation are not covered by the insurance. Additionally, it does not cover the loss or damage of owner-packed goods, jewelry, cash, deeds, traveler's checks, plants, gas cylinders, alcoholic beverages, contraband, or other restricted items.

Unless there are indications of external physical damage, all internal damages are excluded from insurance coverage. On the day of delivery, any external damage must be noted on the packing inventory. This is true for speakers, computers, and any other electronic device. However, for an additional premium of 3%, automobile-exclusive electrical or mechanical malfunctioning coverage is available and can be purchased in writing. Our Wooden Crate Packing Services are also available to customers for an additional fee.

No risk for harm to Merchandise and/or Installations will be acknowledged by the Organization except if the Organization has been offered a sensible chance to review such harm. In any case, the third-party insurance agent, not the company, will take care of any written claims that have been filed.

In the event that a claim is made by the customer against a company employee or agent that imposes or attempts to impose any liability in connection with the services, the customer agrees to indemnify the company for any and all consequences.

Prior to packing or dispatch, payment must be made by check or credit card, along with any applicable card fees. As an extraordinary case credit till the hour of conveyance can be given with agreements. Regardless on the off chance that the installment isn't cleared before conveyance the organization maintains whatever authority is needed to keep the conveyance till the total installment is gotten.

The Indian Contract Act of 1872 will be used for any work that is done in response to this quote. Except as otherwise specified, multiple pick-ups and deliveries are not included. Even though every precaution is taken when packing, insurance should cover transit risks. You are considered to be self-insuring the goods if there is no insurance coverage.