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Privacy Policy Of
JRW Packers and Movers

Your privacy is important to JRW Packers and Movers. Subsequently, we follow a firm security strategy to involve the gathered information for a specific reason. We never share or use your information for any other purpose.

JRW Packers and Movers wants to know where you are because they know where you are. We keep them with us and determine the intended use. As a result, we only use them to achieve the goals. Additionally, we take your assent for any change or adjust your subtleties. We are rigid in following this strategy all through our functioning cycle. When using such data, JRW Packers and Movers abides by all applicable laws.

Your personal information is only kept by JRW Packers and Movers for as long as it is needed. Then, at that point, they are taken out from our information base.

Everytime JRW Packers and Movers gather your own data by keeping the regulations and fair means. We only collect them from the person in question.

We ask our clients to provide us with accurate information that is pertinent to the task at hand. Our motto is to make use of their advantages.

JRW Packers and Movers takes every precaution to safeguard your information from unauthorized disclosure or use by anyone other than us.

We additionally stay straightforward about our approaches to our clients. JRW Packers and Movers values your feedback and is committed to making them happy.

JRW Packers and Movers prioritizes repeat clients. As a result, we want to maintain our brand in both our services and how we treat our customers. Our reputation is the result of years of hard work.

Other Policies :

JRW Packers and Movers follows a few firm steps in the execution of every consignment. As customers’ satisfaction is our goal, we never deviate from them. Hence, we stress on proper planning.

Working Procedures :We move toward our ultimate objective step by step. To plan the entire job, our trained executives arrive at your location. At this point, you can put your doubts to rest. With our customized rates, we are successful negotiators. JRW Packers and Movers don't think twice about the assistance quality and attempt to be pocket-accommodating constantly. As a result, people always think of us when they need to move.

Payment & Billing Terms : We are also open about our payment terms in addition to the reasonable charges. We are equipped with all current payment options; Therefore, you need not always carry cash. You can pay us half upfront and the rest after the work is done. Customers frequently also pay the entire bill in advance. After receiving the entire amount in advance, we never divert our attention from our obligations. We keep each money related exchange straightforward and care for your trust on us.

Insurance Claim : The matter of transit or warehouse insurance is one of the reasons for our popularity in the market of packers and movers. We guide our customers in taking the proper insurance as per their needs. Here, we follow the fast settlement of any claims. Many time we have settled claims then and there. We suggest to take insurance coverage before your every move. It gives peace of mind for a little extra cost.

Thus, we proceed with you to your new destination. We end with a smile of happiness in your face and maintain the relationship thus built.